A lupus survivor's cerebrations on living day to day...

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    inches lost at the waist!

    size 24 summer 2007 becomes size 16 summer 2008. The results of tapering my prednisone and getting rid of the antidepressant anticonvulsants and anti-seizure drugs that cause me to get as large as 210 pounds in 2006. Before the big 2004 lupus flare up that required over 1000 mg IV steroids daily, I was down to a nice size 12 140pounds. PRI thing is that I'm a team 3 times as much food these days. In 2006 2007 I was living off coffee and pain killers and antidepressants and antiseizure drugs with very few meals because of a lack of appetite,not the due to be neuropathic pain the ordeal of passing kidney stones for months.

    The Morning After...A Bipolar Lupie Autistic Fibromyalgic Insomniac's Victory (Rant Sequel)

    I had rather slow days neurologically last week as well as suffered from a nasty bladder infection so I was unable to make trip to grocery. (Recall my previous rant on unbelievable amounts of urine in middle of night.) It has been over 6 months since removing the urinary stint that stayed implanted for the 6 months it took to pass kidney stones, yet I am still continually plagued by infections. Thursday, I felt like a soggy dishrag sweating with 100 degree fever. With every move I felt razor sharp pain slicing through the bottom of my belly. Friday evening I was blessed to find 1/2 of an Azo tablet in an old purse. Thanks to God for the smallest victory. I swallowed this with lots of water then discovered the few sheets of toilet paper on the roll were the very last. I don't drive. I'm home alone. No one to send for help. Who can I call at this time? Thank God for 3 "Moist Towlette" packets! Immediately after my improvisation the phone rings. It's my cousin needing to unload her broken refrigerator. Well, I hadn't been grocery shopping so I had plenty of space in my fridge and freezer to rescue her groceries. She quickly brought them over after I negotiated a ransom of toilet tissue in return! Thank You Jesus! Now I could begin forcing water down by quarts instead of cups. By Saturday morn my pain was relieved by a watershed moment of Jell-O orange irrigation. What a blessing, I successfully prevented spread to my kidneys which often requires hospitalization to disinfectant. So what's the point of my vulgar story? Its more than exposing the horror of UTIs. Calamities for my cousin and I coincided and the result was a victory for us both. Life's full of little calamities and small victories. We should account for them both in our prayers and thanksgiving to the Lord. ~~~ Inspired by RM Todays Promise, 1 Thessalonians 5:18, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.(NIV)


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