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    Appointment with probono attorney went well. i 'm waiting for bus to go home from Juvenile Court. After summarizing my child support case, she was initially at a loss with the interstate complications. She called an attorney at Juvenile Court for advice. When she realized I had no car. She drove me herself. She walked me through, and convinced someone in Interstate to go ahead and see me to get started despite some discrepancy about ability to do anything until w/o certified orders from MI. Anyway the clerk saw me and called MI and made request for certified copies/pay history. Hopefully this step will get me started in TN. I've been run around so much and told so many conflicting things, Im not getting hopes up. I still want everyones ears open for legal information. I still need to locate William B. Dalton since it appears he's changed jobs/ moved. I've had to put my health goals on hold to take care of business. I'm trying to suck it up; not think about what I don't have & I can't do. Honestly,though I still have felt physically bad, and brain stops, I've been overcoming my emotions, anger and tearful moments with much better support from William. He's been much more proactive and cooperative. He hates to give up some social aspects of school, but he's ready to give up the mind numbing environment and concentrate on college test scores. William IS my career, my life's work, so I really don't want to blow the only investment I have left. I just want him accepted and financed in university of choice, then I can retire! I've gotten Home school docs; I just need accurate transcripts from Memphis City Schools. William has just 4 required classes left We plan to do Algebra 2, Spanish 2, Jr English next semester(Jan), Sr English for Summer. Anything else's gravy. though my child support will be absent indefinitely, I think we can keep basic monthly bills w disability. Maybe one of us gets part-time income, soon. What I'm asking everyones help with is Home School expenses (software/books) instead of Christmas gifts. I've already picked out some software that's pretty self-serving. I'll send list after thanksgiving.

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    Since its inception, September 9, 2008, the Lupus Survivor Stories Widget has told your stories via by 629 views. Besides the actual blog of origin http://lupussurvivorstories.blogspot.com/, the majority of the views were made on my blog collection's Ardent Cerebrations: Musings of a Lupus Survivor! welcome page and myspace pages. Considering the limited time I promoted this project in 2008, I found this response to our handful of stories encouraging enough to continue to collect stories throughout next year to promote Lupus Awareness in 2009. I believe social networking sites is an excellent venue for both support and awareness. Its empowering and FUN. So send me more stories...
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    Finally got report on neuropsychiatric test.!

    Besides the obstacle of my carpel tunnel flaring up I have been extremely busy. it took a couple of months for them to correct my Social Security benefits and just now get jurisdiction for child support enforcement moved from Michigan to Tennessee so that I can pursue my sons dad for back child-support and hopefully eventually a modification. Just when I thought I had found his current address he has changed jobs again. without child-support and the missing 2 months of Social Security benefits I ended up losing my phone service with BellSouth. Luckily with a deposit I was able to get Comcast for phone and Internet services it actually will be cheaper. I was hurt to have to give up a phone number that I had had for over a decade but I'm thankful to be able to communicate. I was also facing utility cut off but an angel appeared in the form of an old classmate that I hadn't spoken to for 25 years. upon hearing my circumstance he immediately paid off my $500 balance. Otherwise I have some very good news. That I couldn't wait to tell you about. I've finally finished my weeks of neuropsychiatric testing and got a final report. his report was very detailed giving much more information than just establishing an attention deficit. But the main point is that I do have a serious attention deficit and problems with concentration primarily caused by the areas of the brain that involve processing thought. Basically the intellectual or IQ and verbal areas are still very high. 96 percentile. Superior even. but the performance areas which include thought-.processing was very low well like 25 percentile. The 2 main areas that are given me trouble are working memory and auditory processing. That explains why I can keep track of things or hold very much information at one time. For instance I can never hold a full phone number long enough to dial it. And because of the auditory processing problems that I often have difficulty comprehending what others are saying in conversations especially business phone calls. I could go on and on with the deficits that I've that. I just feel so much better having them acknowledged and documented. the neuropsychiatrist I've been seeing specializes in neural feedback that is an Alternative to drug therapies. Unfortunately I would still have a co-pay of $22 per session and I would need to go at least once a week in order to be effective. my current financial situation won't allow me to do this right now. I'm waiting for the results to be forwarded to my neurologist and then I will see what he has to say. Hopefully these results will at least give me something to use to show my vocational rehabilitation counselor in order to get some accommodations if I can ever get it together enough to go back to school to complete my Web development diploma program. I have 3 classes to go but maybe they will allow me to just take one class at a time instead of full time.


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