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    Digital Scrapbooking: Therapy for Maniacal Insomnia

    I have discovered a new hobby..digital scrapbooking. I've been wanting to scrapbook forever, but no funds. This digital online interface works well with my latest neurological deficits. You can mail camera phone shots directly to your photobucket albums. The Scrapblog application allows you to upload any image from your photobucket albums. After saving your scrapbook,it becomes a slide show in your photo bucket album. Each page of scrapbook becomes a JPEG file capable of being edited and shared independently. Fun program, but a memory hog. Its moves PAINFULLY slow on my old IBM T40 512RAM. And really it must have been designed for a 17 inch screen...I wasted hours trying to find the 'done' button which does not display under normal IE browser settings.To navigate program's full dashboard, I had to toggle the browser window zoom between 100% and 200%. There were a million other bugs that had to be overcome before successfully publishing the final product. I lost an entire page I painstakingly worked on because it would not save my edits. The results were so pleasing I will probably toture myself to create another scrapbook during my next maniacal insomniac episode.



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