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    Family & Friends a part of the Healing Process for The Mind, The Body & The Spirit

    I was getting a little depressed Wednesday having the plans I made on the days I felt good being usurped again by my illness. Although I couldn't get around, in between my feeble mindedness I had some brain storms about future goals with my lupus website and potential social networking consulting. Yesterday morning I felt even worse because the antibiotics had caused me to get "yeasty" inside and out. Luckily I realized I had a back stock of Diflucan pills and Nystatin for my mouth sores. I got teary when I looked at the time which was around 11am. I had lost track of the time since waking up at 6 in the morning going in and out of my "spells" while trying to will myself to get up and complete a list of tasks stuck in my mind. Finally, my son gave me a pep talk to get me to just give in and try to relax. I received a call from my new neighbor. She was taking special orders from all her girls for a weekend meal to feed us through the forecasted snow storm. After 2 bowls of Mrs. Wanda's stew and cornbread, last night I finally fell asleep -- sound. I am feeling a bit better this morning.

    I just wanted to share my week and express how family and friends can be powerful agents for healing. Sometimes more powerful than any medication. There was no antidepressant or anti-anxiety pill I could pop to immediately break a manic cycle of thoughts that often are apart of our disease. Lupus and fibromyalgia survivors often fight tension, mood swings, anxiety and depression as a part of drug side effects as well as the disease process. With just a few objective words my son made me to realize my tasks could wait and the world wouldn't come to an end. After easing my worrisome thoughts with words, a gentle touch of his hand in mine helped ease the tension caused by my "spells". ( Read Neuropsychiatric manifestations under Signs And Symptoms)

    My neighbor's thoughtfulness and generosity went beyond just calling to see how I was feeling. Realizing I was without transportation she wanted to make sure I was well stocked before the storm. Understanding my current disabilities she prepared a nutritious 1-pot meal that would be easy to reheat and easy to serve and eat with a bowl and spoon. My son became apart of the healing process for The Mind, while my neighbor for The Body. Their sincere acts of love certainly were healing to The Spirit. My point is the people around can be instrumental to improving the quality of our life despite having a incurable chronic illness. Our family and friends are an important part of Healing The Disease through healing The Body, The Mind, & The Spirit!


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    December 7, 2012 at 4:58 AM

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